Weald SC




Present: Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Fiona Western (FW), Mike Tonge (MT), Paul Millman (PM) (Chair) and Karla Pett (KP)





1.††††††† Apologies for absence†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Ian Robinson (IR) John Parr (JP), Jenny Wagg (JW), Karl Manning (KM), Justyn Price (JUP), Chris Markham (CM) and Mike Phillips (MP)



2.†††††††† Minutes of previous meeting/Matters Arising

††††††††††† The minutes from the 26/02/2008 were accepted as an accurate record.

††††††††††† .

3.†††††† Newsletter


KP has now taken over the newsletter and came to the meeting with some innovative ideas for the next addition. Content was discussed and Chair PM agreed to write a small piece for the newsletter. It was agreed info on the junior girls should be added and a possible advert for GS coaching clinics. Next newsletter to be produced for the 5/6th May ready to hand out at the fixture meeting on the 29th May. ST asked if it could be in a PDF format, which could then be downloaded off the web pages and KP, confirmed this would be the case.


4.                  Senior County Closed


Event has been cancelled due to lack of interest and the fact not enough lead in time was given to the event. ST needs to speak to MP to confirm all is ok to run at Chichester next season and agree a date after Xmas. A final decision on the detail of the event and venue to be confirmed at the next meeting but before the fixture meeting/AGM



5.      †††††Hon. Treasurerís report †††


JP sent updated accounts to ST, which he distributed to the committee. At present the balances look good. MT to look at and define a junior budget in line with the agreed changes in regards the county squads. VP had sent to ST updated accounts for the juniors that basically were self-financing however there seemed to be discrepancies on who paid in what and what the charges were for each session. Graham Stevenson only seemed to pay in reg fees and no squad fees, where as Tim Vail paid in all fees. MT to arrange a meeting with all relevant parties to finalise the detail for the 08/09 season. Paper attached in the appendix outlining MTís thoughts on junior county charges etc.



6.      ††††††Senior and Junior League Reports/ Knock Out Cups



CM stated we had received all entry fees for teams into the leagues for this season but he knows there are still outstanding amounts from some clubs to England Squash.CM had today chased Sawyers for their outstanding amount of £388.00.However we will have to see how we get on chasing this since there will definitely not be any squash being played out of Sawyers

after this season.


With regards to the format of the top 2 leagues next season CM had spoken with some of the clubs concerned.David Lloyd have no interest in returning to the Premier division and he has assumed that Dunnings Mill won't either based on previous seasons and their situation at the moment.Cooden are keen to be promoted.CM has heard that Crowborough are too but his team is playing them on 18th of this month so he is going to check what their thoughts were then. CM confirmed the end of season fixture meeting will be held at the Triangle Burgess Hill at 7.45pm on the 29th May 2008.


Kevin Higginsonís paper was discussed and it was agreed it was not good timing as we are in a transitionary stage with the top leagues and these need to be sorted before changing anything too dramatically. The fixture meeting needs to be used to discuss options for next season. ST suggested we stipulate that premier league matches should be played on a set night of the week as is done in other counties, this way you probably would get more commitment from all; he also suggested introducing par 11 scoring as a way of making it more exciting and the matches quicker, which would help if teams have travelled a long way. It was agreed that CM would ask the question on the 29th May.


FW stated cup finals have moved to Corals therefore main account is to pick up the cost of this. FW raised issue with ranked players and the fact Rachel Wilmott had played for Horsham when not ranked. Committee agreed to let the result of the match stand but the issue needs to be addressed before next season by CM/FW. It was also agreed that the ladies have a separate rule book and FW to look into creating one with the help of KM. To discuss further at AGM


7.      †††††County Teams/ Organisers


Only news was the racketball team came third at the national finals this month. ST to speak to TV to get the results and send them through to KP for the newsletter.

8.                  England Squash


JUP could not attend the meeting, however ST managed to speak to him on funding issues and JUP stated that Sussex would shortly have a Development Coach who would be going into clubs to kick start squash programmes etc. The post would be 20 hours a week. JUP to feedback to the committee the impact of the post and also what he thought Sussexís main focus should be for the next 18 months.


9.                  Junior Development


MT passed around a number of papers to the committee relating to the management of the county squads, these included a coach job description, a registration form for all squad members to complete and a paper on possible charges and recommendations to implement.


It was agreed MT to get coaches and Vanessa around a table to discuss the way forward. It was agreed we would rty and pay coaches the same rate and in advance so not one is out of pocket. MT discussed the job description of the coaches and reaffirmed the need to improve communication with clubs and for coaches to feedback to the committee every season. There is a need to ensure the squads pick up good juniors and this ties in with the need to rethink the junior league. VP is to finalise the reg form and send to the coaches and MT


11.††††† A.O.B


Website going ok and Hants are to continue to use which helps to cover KMís fees. KM stated more work is needed on the fixture generation element. Date for next committee meeting the 10th June 2008 at the Weald SC.ST to book.


Dates for the fixture meeting is the 29th May 7.45pm at the Triangle Burgess Hill and AGM the 5th July 2008 venue TBC. ST to book venues



















































































































































































































1.       There seems to be a variety of ways of collecting fees from squad players and paying the coaches.

2.       In the interests of consistency it is proposed that:

         All juniors taking part in county squad training pay a registration fee at the beginning of the season (£X), half the squad fee at the beginning of the season and the other half after Christmas (£Y + £Y)

         These should all go to Vanessa for payment into the SSRA junior fund. Vanessa will then pay the coaches, the court fees and for any kit

3.       Coaching rates proposed are

         Coaches £25 an hour

         Assistant coaches £15 an hour

4.       There ought to be a budget comprising

         Coaching costs (based on number of training events, how long, how many coaches)

         Estimated court fees


         Likely income from squad players





8 APRIL 2008



NOTE:X,Y and coaching rates are subject to agreement