Weald SC




Present: Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Fiona Western (FW), Justyn Price (JUP), Chris Markham (CM), Mike Tonge (MT) and Mike Phillips (MP)





1.††††††† Apologies for absence†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Paul Millman (PM) (Chair), Ian Robinson (IR) John Parr (JP), Jenny Wagg (JW), Karl Manning (KM) and Karla Pett (KP)



2.†††††††† Minutes of previous meeting/Matters Arising

††††††††††† The minutes from the 11/12/07 were accepted as an accurate record. Ghosting rule to be looked at again at the fixture meeting in May. England Squash fees to be checked by JP. Dragons Gatwick still to pay junior league fees JW to chase.

††††††††††† .

3.†††††† Newsletter


FW will look at producing for the end of season.


4.                  Senior County Closed


Event has been postponed until April due to the late advertising of it. Middleton are still to host and entries have been sent around to all the clubs and is also posted on the website home page. ST to send info again to CM so he can send out a reminder to all. MP stated Chichester SC would be happy to host the event next year but would recommend it was done in two phases. First phase to include the main tournament for men and women and the second phase to include the age groups. There was also discussion on the issue of attracting top players and MP/JUP stated we should not held to ransom on this and it should be seen as an honour to be a county champion. Obviously prize money through sponsorship will be sort where ever possible but it should be the making or breaking of the event. A final decision on the detail of the event and venue to be confirmed at the next meeting but before the fixture meeting/AGM



5.      †††††Hon. Treasurerís report †††


JP sent updated accounts to ST, which he distributed to the committee. At present the balances look good. JP/ST to confirm if there are still unpaid fees from clubs. Junior development account still needs to be clearly defined and it is hoped wit the changes suggested below this should happen



6.      ††††††Senior and Junior League Reports/ Knock Out Cups



All seemed to be going ok with the menís and ladies leagues. CM is to test the water on which teams are prepared to go up to the premier league form the first division. ST was aware that both Cooden and Crowborough were interested and seemed to have the players to support this. It was felt the paper from Kevin Higginson needed to be discussed at the next meeting when more officers were present. Initial feedback from KM implied it would be hard to utilise the LMIS system. ST suggested we could perhaps look at PAR 11 scoring for the premier next season as an option. Hampshire have just to use this scoring system in their top league.


CM is to contact KM to try and ensure we get all players D.O.B on the system so it will make it easier to select players for the age group county teams. At present it is hard to tell who is eligible for the differing teams and it will hopefully mean we will always be able to get teams out.


FW stated that JW was stepping down from running the junior leagues due to pressures of work. FW suggested that Simon Currid from Dunnings might be keen to take up the league next season and agreed to contact. Main problem with the league is that teams are not playing each other and therefore league needs an overhaul. JUP asked what was the point of the league and where this fitted in with county plan; he suggested we should look attriangular matchesin various pockets of the county, which tended to encourage better competition and more players progressing to the county squads. MT on behalf of the committee asked FW to thank JW for all her help over the last few years.


7.      †††††County Teams/ Organisers


Unfortunately the 035 menís failed to get a team out for their weekend in February. The 0í55 were relegated by a point from the premier league. Sussex have a team in the racketball finals in Thame this April which Tim Vail is leading.


No recent feedback on the junior front although as mentioned in item 9 the junior girls squads need sorting out for next season.



8.                  England Squash


JUP stated level one course was running as advertised however only 50% of the candidates were from Sussex, therefore this could impact on future funding for Sussex. Chichester, Weald and the University of Sussex are working towards improving or gaining chartered status dependent on their level already.


JUP is leading on the Sussex games on the 30 and 31st August at the K2; this will include a BPSA event and will encourage kids to come and watch. ST mentioned the Brighton Festival of sport that is planned every year until 2012; this year they are holding a taster day in Preston Park on Saturday the 28th June where it is hoped Sussex squash could have a stand and some mini walls to help promote the game. ST and MT to look at leading with the help of ES/JUP.


9.                  Junior Development


Junior clinics had run successfully on the 16th/17th February 2008 at the University of Sussex. MP had also run some mini squash at Chichester in the half term week, which went well. Discussions were had on pathways from the clinics and MT agreed to look at the database to see which players may not have club links already. Discussion was had on progression of juniors and JUP stated standards are improved by being involved in leagues and players progress to county squads from there.


Discussions was had on the status of the girls county squads. JUP/MP raised the fact we need more control of county squads and be able to find out what coaches are doing and who is attending. MP stated we should only enter two girls teams next year, say U15 and U19 and from these ages build two squads. FW raised the issue of having to support the girls with admin where as the boys squads seemed to be managed well by the coaches. JUP stated we need to establish a job description for county coaches as they are employees of Sussex SRA at the end of the day. Having this will mean coaches have a clear remit of what they are responsible to deliver on behalf of the county. MP stated he would be happier to take on the girls squads knowing what is expected of him at the start. It was agreed that MT was to try and get the county coaches together to ensure there is a clear generic template in regards fees; court costs; selection and registration. This would enable all the county coaches to work to the same principles and provide consistency across the board. MT with the help of CM agreed to draw up a job description and fees structure and send around to all for feedback and from this establish a meeting. St agreed to speak to JP I regards the budget implications of this.


FW asked what was the plan with the girls training on the 9th March as nothing had been sent out etc. It was agreed that MP would lead this session and FW would email all the girls to confirm the time and place/cost. If enough responded the session would run. St agreed to contact JP on subsidising the vent if required.


11.††††† A.O.B


Date for next committee meeting the 8th April 2008 at the Weald SC.ST to book.


Provisional dates for the fixture meeting is the 29th May and AGM the 5th July 2008 venue/dates TBC