Weald Squash club




Present: Paul Millman (PM) (Chair), Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Karl Manning (KM), Fiona Western (FW), Chris Markham (CM), Ian Robinson (IR), Naomi Duthie (ND)






1.        Apologies for absence                                         

Justyn Price (JP), Dave Bennett (DB) Jenny Wagg (JW), Tim Vail (TV) and John Parr (JP)


2.         Minutes of previous meeting/Matters Arising

            The minutes from the 12/12/06 were accepted as an accurate record.


3.       Website/Newsletter

KM stated things were running smoothly and ghost player rule seems to be working; it has achieved the aim of getting more people playing to ensure players stay eligible. KM to look at the ghosting rule on the LMIS over the summer to make it more bullet proof. CM mentioned email about a rival system to ours. Km stated said it did look prettier but had the same functionality and was more costly so did not feel it to be a threat.


ST agreed to contact Zena Wooldridge again about linking the ES grading with our system.


FW suggested we look at producing a newsletter for the county to help improve the dissemination of information to the clubs in the county and improve communication. FW showed a couple of examples she had obtained from other counties. PM agreed it was a very good idea and it was agreed we would look at trying to produce one or two editions a year. Perhaps one at Xmas and another at the end of the season. FW agreed to go away and get costings on the production, which PM felt the budget should support. ST mentioned it could also be in a downloadable format off the web site as well



4.                  Senior/Junior County Closed


Still no real feedback form the county closed over who won etc. ST had spoken to Richard Rogers but as yet had no real detail. Middleton happy to host again and feel with a longer led in have a better chance of improving the event.


It is believed that Vanessa Prosser would be running the event next year. ST agreed to chase up results for 2005/06 and confirm this



5.           Hon. Treasurer’s report    


JP sent through up to date balances of the accounts. JP had heard from Vanessa Prosser about junior account and had confirmed with her their present balance. He also agreed to subsidies the U13 boy’s county team who had reached the national finals to the tune of £810. Congratulations should go to Graham Stevenson and the team for their efforts on reaching the final.


JP asked the committee for approval to pay the next £1000 invoice towards the Community Squash Coach. The committee agreed to this on the basis it was imperative to support the development side. ST to confirm this with JP.



6.            League Reports/ Knock Out Cups


CM stated all was going ok. However there had been an issue with one match in division 4 east concerning Dolphin 3 playing against Burgess Hill 1. The concerns raised were over a ghost player and the fact the team turned up 20 minutes late. KM agreed to contact Burgess Hill over the ghosting rule to clarify the situation. The committee agreed it was very hard to make a decision on lateness, however it was agreed that CM would highlight to clubs that timing is crucial and that there could be action taken against a team if they were reported more than once for being late. This would also be stated at the next fixture meeting in May.


FW raised a number of issues in regards the ladies leagues. She asked the committee on their ruling over one specific match between Dolphin 1 and Dunnings 1 where both teams turned up with 4 players; even though in theory Dolphin could have had 5. FW was keen to give Dolphin a walkover at fifth string. However the committee agreed it was a null fifth string, no points should be awarded to either side.


FW stated there was also an issue over the provision of hot food at Corals where only one of their two teams provided it. FW asked if it was compulsory to provide hot food as a number of teams had complained. Committee stated there was no stipulation on having to provide hot food.


FW stated the KO cup event had been partially successful and had managed to get finalists. She asked if she needed a neutral venue to play the matches. She asked if there was a budget for courts as Dunnings had asked for £30 to host the event. PM/ND suggested Crowborough as an option. FW to look into.


7.           County Teams/ Organisers


045 and 035 are believed to have avoided relegation. Phil Ayton has taken over the running of the 045 team.



8.                  Junior Coordinator Post/ Juniors Leagues


JW stated all was going well with the junior leagues although no games played at the U17 level. JW had concerns that West Worthing had no coordinator and felt there were issues with health and safety and general supervision on the team. JW also questioned whether county/national ranked juniors could play in the leagues as this was happening even though the rules restricted them from taking part. Committee felt everyone should play as it was hard to police. PM thought it made sense that teams talked to each other before a match to confirm who was playing therefore hoping to avoid any mismatches.


FW/JW raised the option of holding another junior county tournament. Committee felt this a good idea.


MT/ST had met the New ES Area Manager Justyn Price and feedback from the meetings can be seen in the attached document. The key focus is to try and build on the chartered clubs in the county first and make these the feeder clubs for the schools taking part in mini squash taster days. Also encourage them to run mini squash events/tournaments. Only chartered clubs can be approved mini squash centres. John Millard and MT to continue to develop club links with schools.


The committee agreed there had been some positive dialogue however they were still keen to see a formalised proposal from Justyn stating how we could improve the development of squash in the county. Justyn has agreed to produce for the next meeting


Discussions were had again about formalising a junior committee to try and improve communication, as there is limited feedback/coordination between the development side and the junior county squads and what they are doing. MT to coordinate. Thoughts are to include Paul Butcher, Graham Stevenson, Jenny Wagg and Tim Vail.


PM questioned the option of establishing both a club and coaches forum to try and engage more people into the process. It was felt one of the keys issues are to improve communication amongst clubs in the county and try and get them onside with building up junior squash. PM was not keen to commit funds until there was a clear structure in place with commitment from ES and local clubs.


ST raised again the fact that we had very few girls playing county squash and FW stated that all the U13 girls were also playing in the U15’s team, which was not ideal. ST also mentioned that they had difficulty finding an U19 team recently for a county match. ND stated she had now managed to formulate a database of girls playing squash and was hoping to get a number of squad sessions going before the end of the season.


FW asked if TV would be managing/coaching the boy’s teams next season. IR/ST agreed to speak to Tim to confirm what his plans were for next season.



9.                  England Squash


IR has been re-elected to the board. IR hoped area forums would come back and that there was a new replacement for Adrian Christy and a new membership manager.



10.             A.O.B


Date for next committee meeting the 1st May 2007at the Weald SC.  ST to book.


Fixture meeting to be held on the 31st May 2007 venue to be confirmed.


AGM to be held on the 7th July 2007 venue hopefully to be Horsham SC again. ST to finalise venues


































































































































































































































Dear Simon and Mike


Thank you for the time that you both gave last week to discuss Junior development in Sussex. As promised here are some reminders of things we discussed which you may wish to mention at the next Committee meeting, I must outline that these are areas for discussion, this is not a prescriptive list. I would then like to put a proposal together with you both to take to the next committee meeting, which I will attend.


1. The environments that we direct young people towards must be appropriate, and as such our first step should be to get clubs and leisure centre to become Mini Squash Approved Centres (I have attached a criteria document).


2. I suggest that we encourage the SSRA to support clubs who wish to work towards and/or refresh their Charter Club Status. This could be in the form of part funding courses required by clubs to achieve stand, such as Safeguarding and Protecting Children.


Simon has agreed that the University based club will work towards the charter. I suggest that we could then look to work with Chichester (whose charter is fairly recent) West Worthing Club, Horsham Squash Club, Bognor Regis Squash Club, LA Fitness (Copthorne), Crowbrough Tennis and Squash who have all chartered in the past but I would like to support in revisiting the criteria.


3. If we had just 5 centres  who were Mini Squash Approved/Chartered and they each organised a Mini Squash Competition at FUNdation, Improver and Pro level, that would make a circuit of 15 competitions for new aspiring players, I have attached an Events Template document.


4. It is my proposal that we all agree to work on these proposals to develop effective, accredited, fun and safe environments before applying for any grants, so the money we apply for in the future can be focused on feeding new players into an infrastructure which is "fit for purpose".


5. When clubs become chartered I can then link them with whole families of schools which fuel their junior sections and we could look to support these links with mini walls and teacher training courses.


6. The links between Charter Clubs and Schools could be developed through the deployment of John Millard and Mike Tonge (if he would like to be used in this way?)


7. I believe it would be very valuable for the County to support/put money towards some generic Sports Coach UK workshops, such as Multi-Skills and the FUNdamentals of Movement, in order that our coaches recognise how our sport complements and supports the types of Physical Activity Children are experiencing through the education system.


8. As our playing base develops and widens we need to have a clear and transparent process for any child that enters through Mini Squash at any age to progress through to the county teams if that is appropriate. This means considering the cost of being involved in the county and whether this could be a barrier to some very talented children.

Whether their should be a series of events and trials for players so that progress can be monitored?

Whether clubs are grouped to form clusters which hold development training cells?


9. I think is essential that we look to organise Mini Squash Leaders Awards to start priming the Coaches of tomorrow, we should focus on juniors who are 14-17.


I wish to support the county in its development to the very best of my ability and I hope that these notes capture the essence of our discussions.


Kind regards,




Justyn Price

Area Squash Manager - South East

South East Office: 01273 644103

Mobile: 07989 743054