The County Women Over 40s started well, back in September when as always, I had a long list of people who said that they wanted to play for the team.


In typical fashion, one by one they dropped out due to pressure of this, that or the other, and by November I was left with 4.  Undeterred the four of us went up to St. Albans where we won both of our matches.  Surrey 3 withdrew from the competition, so our matches are finished.  I have received the interim results, and cannot see how anyone can catch us.  We should be promoted to Premier for next season.  We have been a yo-yo team over the past few years, but I hope that with Ali Pruden becoming available for next season, Sandra Page (nee James) interested in playing, and Sarah Naish (Weald) available, our team for next year should be strong enough. However, we need to consider that Jenny Hughes is likely to be unavailable.


Jenny has been our number 1 for the last few seasons and has been a stalwart of the team.  In September, she was diagnosed with oesophagal cancer, and despite this, played at 1 for us in St. Albans.  She is just starting her treatment and faces an 6-8 hour operation in Feb/March.  If she battles her cancer like she battled back from 1-2 and 6-8 down against Herts, she will be fine.  She is by miles, my sports personality of the year.


My thanks go to Jenny, Milli Fawssett and Wendy Simpson for turning up against the odds, and giving up their Sunday for the County.


Good luck to the rest of the teams.  We can put our feet up!


Jo Crosby