Present: Paul Millman (PM) (Chair), Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Karl Manning (KM), Fiona Western (FW), John Parr (JP) (Treasurer), Chris Markham (CM), Jenny Wagg (JW), Mike Tonge (MT)





1.††††††† Apologies for absence†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Ian Robinson (IR), Dave Bennett (DB) Chick Charman (CC) and Graham Saville (GS)


2.†††††††† Minutes of previous meeting/Matters Arising

††††††††††† The minutes from the 10/04/06 were accepted as an accurate record.

††††††††††† .


3.†††††† Website

KM stated LMS all in place and he was about to configure the fixtures for 06/07 any time. ST asked if he could add the contact details for the junior county squad coaches onto the main web pages.



4.                  Senior/Junior County Closed


After further discussion at the recent fixture meeting in May where concerns were raised about the date of the event, the committee agreed to go back to IR to finalise a date. ST to contact IR to confirm. Following email exchanges between PM and IR on the 14th June 2006 it has been agreed that the October date is the preferred option, with the focus on getting a large entry across the grades/age groups and not just focusing on the elite players.


FW asked about the date of the junior county closed. ST agreed to contact Tim Vail (TV). Following an email on the 14th June 2006 Tim confirmed the date would be the 25/26th September 2006, venue as yet to be confirmed



5.      †††††Hon. Treasurerís report †††


John Parr (JP) distributed up to date reports for 2005-2006, and explained the relevance of the figures. JP stated the boys and girls accounts had still not been combined fully. JP stated he was concerned why there was no record of any parental contributions from county squad sessions. FW questioned what happened to the fees they paid at the start of the season to the county squad coaches. ST to contact TV to request information and to also get him to confirm a budget for next season. JP was also keen to get an idea of squad numbers, dates of sessions and venues. ST to confirm


Further to an email today to TV, he confirmed that he had a record of the money but also stated attendance at the squads was poor and as a result had used some to cover his costs etc. ST requested he fed back figures to JP so he could include in the accounts.


Rest of the accounts were fairly static. JP requested there was a need to make a decision on future payments for the CSC as the development fund was now almost empty.



6.      ††††††League Reports/ Knock Out Cups


Chris Markham was welcomed to the committee and thanked for taking on the role of Menís league secretary in place of Adrian Standivan.


Both menís and womenís leagues seem now in place for 06/07. Question on Coodens 1st team was resolved as they would be staying in 2E. FW stated she had still not heard from Corals and this was the case for both men and womenís teams. West Worthing had still not entered the ladies league.


MT to talk to CM and KM about entering a Crowborough 6th team in the bottom league.


FW proposed running ladies knock cup, which would incorporate both affiliated, and non-affiliated Sussex league teams. FW stated the format would be based on 3 person teams and that there were around 20 potential clubs that might be interested. MT mentioned Crowborough as one.


FW agreed to confirm draw dates once she knew entries. PM stated all teams needed to have formalised ranking lists to avoid mismatches. FW asked JP about cups from the past. ST suggested contacting Anne Dinnage




7.      †††††County Teams/ Organisers


No changes as such for next season apart from Chick Charman standing down from managing the senior ladies team. PM keen to thank Chick formally at the AGM with a gift. PM and JP to finalise



8.                  Junior Coordinator Post/ Juniors Leagues


Jenny Wagg was introduced to the committee by FW who stated she had agreed to look after the junior leagues. PM asked if she had been briefed on how they worked. As yet Jenny is still awaiting info from Laura Gomm via email. Jenny stated she felt the present league set up was too complicated and this tended to lead to teams dropping out. She is keen to scrap the tri match system and go to one league.


At this point PM asked MT to talk about his proposed new role on the committee as this would tie in with junior leagues. MT discussed the job description for the role of junior coordinator and its purpose and how one of the performance measures for the role was to expand/develop the junior league.


Jenny stated she was keen to contact all clubs as it was felt the best way to run the leagues was through the club structure. ST to send JW/MT the list of junior clubs/contacts he had collated. JW looking to start league again in September once better information is known on interested clubs although there was concern on getting a balanced competition due to some clubs being particularly strong.


MT to speak to John Millard and Naomi Duthie to try and find out what is happening in regards his remit for delivering mini squash. Committee still concerned that the funds provided for this post are not providing best value and are keen to get more concrete information. PM to contact Nick Metcalfe to discuss again.


MT to finalise Job description and to feedback in September on the results of an audit of junior clubs and provide guidance on the direction to take. It would make sense for JW and MT to compare notes before confirming the junior league structure.



9.                  England Squash


PM stated the next South East ES forum was in September and would confirm once he knew the agenda, who best to send on Sussex SRA behalf. The last forum seemed not that specific to local issues.



10.             A.O.B


FW asked about trophies. JP to produce shield for winners of leagues for 05/06 once he had confirmation of winners etc from last year.


Date for next meeting the 19th September 2006 at the Weald SC. ST to book