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Dear Club Secretaries/Committee Members


It was agreed fol= lowing the Sussex SRA committee  meeting on the = 13th December to accept the proposal put forward by the junior committee chaired= , by Graham Saville, concerning its restructuring. The main focus of the proposal was to merge the boys and girls section under one organising committee, with the aim of improving both the delivery of junior squash in the county and to ensure we remain one of the top count= ies. The new structure is as follows:







1.      =             STRUCTURE/DUTIES


TIM VAIL (Chichester) &n= bsp;            = ;    Head Junior Coach and Child Protection Officer

        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;

a)      =            To organise and structure coaching of all squad training, including the arrang= ement of assistant coaches.

b)      =            Col= lect annual subscriptions from players and maintain records of all players in accordance with Child Protection regulations

c)      =             Org= anise the County Junior Closed

d)      =            Sel= ection of County teams and nomination of Managers’ in liaison with the boys/girls managers.

e)      =            Lia= ise with Graham STEVENSON regarding selection of younger teams

f)      =             &nb= sp; Ens= ure reports reference County results are submitted to SSRA, media and website


DAVID BENNETT (Middleton)    Junior Boys/Girls Manag= er and <= /span>Boys organiser

        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;  

a)      =              The= SJS contact for England sq= uash (Mainly for Inter County corresponden= ce)

b)      =              Sig= natory to the SJS bank account

c)      =             &nb= sp; Lia= ise with head coach to inform him of County commitments

d)      =              Sel= ection of team managers for boys teams

e)      =              Ens= ure administration is completed reference County fixtures and expenses

f)      =             &nb= sp;   Lia= ise with SJS Treasurer regarding expenditure and submission of accounts

g)      =              Lia= ise with SSRA


DEBBIE DENHAM = (Corals)         = Deputy Junior Manager


a)      =             &nb= sp;  Cov= er any duties in the absence of the Manager

b)      =             &nb= sp;  Att= end SSRA meetings, to ensure Committee are appraised of any issues/events=


VANESSSA PROSS= ER (Chichester) &n= bsp;  Treasurer


a)      =              Sig= natory to SJS bank account and holder of the cheque book

b)      =              Lia= ise with Head Coach and Junior Managers re expenditure and income

c)      =             &nb= sp; Lia= ise with SSRA Treasurer reference income/expenditure and submission of accounts=


GRAHAM EASTMENT (Chichester)   Girls Organiser


a)      =             &nb= sp;  Lia= ise with Head Coach regarding selection of teams and team managers

b)      =             &nb= sp;  Ens= ure administration is completed re County fixtures and expenses


LAURA GOMM (Worthing)        &= nbsp;          Junior League Organiser


a)      =             &nb= sp;    Adm= inister the running of the S= ussex Junior Leagues

b)      =             &nb= sp;    Ens= ure promotion of the Junior League to all Sussex Clubs

c)      =             &nb= sp;     Mai= ntain records of results and up-date website

d)      =             &nb= sp;    Lia= ise with SSRA reference end of seasons results

e)      =             &nb= sp;    Lia= ise with Head Coach regarding new players with potential<= /p>


GRAHAM STEVENSON (Lancing)      Under 11/13= Coach


a)      =             &nb= sp;  Lia= ise with Head Coach regarding new players with potential<= /p>

b)      =             &nb= sp;  Arr= ange and manage Under 11/13 Junior Boys teams&nb= sp;

c)      =             &nb= sp;   Arr= ange/organise Under 11/13 squad training




By the end of 200= 5/2006 Season the following should be in place:


a)      =             &nb= sp;    Joi= nt account to replace the two separate ones at present. With David Bennett, Vanessa Prosser and John Parr, being the signatories. Vanessa to hold the cheque book.

b)      =             &nb= sp;    The= grant from the SSRA to take into account the following:


i)      =             &nb= sp; Less commitment to inter county fixtures –reduced mainly to 1 day fixtures. Although stage II and certainly finals will incur more expense for travel a= nd accommodation.

ii)      =             Team managers to be retained/recruited for at least a season. Not only for continuity but less expense for CRB clearance.

iii)      =           With introduction of Laura GOMM for the junior leagues. This will incur some expenditure, subject to further discussion.

iv)      =           Spo= nsorship is of a high priority but nothing forthcoming since Vokins and Principles withdrew 2/3 years ago. Therefore the closed event and squad/team clothing = will need to be subsidised to maintain standards. The Boys team needs squad shir= ts and team track suits ideally by next season.


c)         = It was agreed  that the grant fro= m SSRA could be reduced to £2,800 for the joint venture as opposed to the previous £3,200.  On the condition that it is subject to   = ;            &n= bsp;        reviews and any monies inherited on the change over and subsequently incurred by go= od housekeeping/fund raising may be retained. This will afford flexibility         &= nbsp;    toward future ventures, which at present cannot be considered through financial restraints.



If you would like to receive more information concerning the above, your first point of contact is Tim Vail or if easier please contact myself and I can provide you with contact details etc.



Simon Tunley (s.f.tunley@sussex.ac.uk)


Sussex Squash Rackets Association



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