Present: Paul Millman (PM) (Chair), Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Karl Manning (KM), Fiona Western (FW), John Parr (JP), Ian Robinson (Vice Chair) (IR), Debbie Denham (DD), Tim Vail (TV), Graham Saville (GS), Dave Bennett (DB) and Laura Gomm (LG)






1.        Apologies for absence                                         

Adrian Standivan, Chick Charman, Mal Whitely and Nick Metcalfe (England Squash)


2.         Minutes of previous meeting

            The minutes from the 4/10/05 were accepted as an accurate record.



3.       Website

3.1 KM again stated he had had no joy from England Squash (ES) in regards setting up an interface between the Sussex SRA league management system and the national grading scheme run by ES.  IR stated he had asked Nick Rider from England Squash (ES) to personally get in touch with KM to discuss following the recent ES council meeting in November. IR promised to raise it again at board level this week when they meet.



3.2. ST raised the question about the recent document sent around by ES concerning their CLMS system, which he had forwarded to KM. KM stated the system just looked at individual results and has no interface with team based systems such as ours. There was also discussion on the Es grading system which at present seems to be ineffective.


3.3 JP mentioned he had now met with Tony Sampson from Dunnings and KM to start looking at making the web pages more accessible for adding up to date information, such as county team results and minutes of meetings etc.


However JP implied we still needed someone committed to helping load up the information and he felt it was a lot of work for one person to do. JP suggested we asked various sections such as the juniors to perhaps input their information when applicable that way the onus is spread across a number of groups and not just one person. JP said he would speak to GS to test the water concerning getting a volunteer. Tony Sampson had shown interest in helping with the web pages but was as yet to come back to JP.


4.                  Senior County Closed


ST mentioned that Middleton via IR had shown an interest in running the event next year. IR  said the main concern for Middleton was the cost implications and what sort of sponsorship they would need to attract the better players. It was agreed sponsorship in the region of £1000 would be more than adequate to attract the top players. IR agreed to go back to Middleton to put forward the proposal.


5.           Hon. Treasurer’s report    


John Parr (JP) distributed up to date reports for 2005-2006, and explained the relevance of the figures and that it was still early days in regards the accounts. JP stated he is in the process of resolving the junior accounts in line with the new structure put forward by the junior committee mentioned below in item 8. JP to finalise with GS and Vanessa Prosser (VP). JP mentioned £2k had been paid to ES towards work being done of behalf of Sussex.


JP again raised the issue of the money being spent on the Community Squash Coach as he felt the response from Nick Metcalfe from ES was not detailed enough. PM requested we go back to Nick and ask for more specific detail of where the coach is going and the hours he is doing. ST stated that he knew the coach was going into local schools in the Brighton area and two mini squash tournaments were to run both this week and in February next year. ST agreed to contact Nick/Will from ES to get the detail.



6.            League Reports


Men’s.  Nothing to report apart for the universities cup game. ST agreed to look into. TV raised the issue of how players were ranked based on a recent incident at a league match, concerning a junior playing down the order, even though he was clearly better than other team mates ranked above him. JP stated he needed to raise this with Adrian.


Ladies: the issue of resurrecting the 3rd division was discussed again. FW stated she was still to contact set clubs, however she still needed more email addresses. Crowborough, Copthorne, Bexhill and Cooden were mentioned as potential recruits for the new league. JP agreed to provide contact list to FW. FW will try in the new year to ascertain the interest for the new league.


FW raised the issue of ghost players who are not playing regularly for their club; this applies to the top players who need to be ranked if they want to play in the national club championships. JP stated this problem needs to be done through the committee and then put forward a proposal to the secretary ready for the AGM. This needs to go out three weeks before AGM to all clubs to give them time to feedback.


Juniors Leagues: JP raised the fact that more teams had dropped out of the junior leagues and asked LG whether there was a clear reason. LG mentioned Steyning for instance was a school based team and relied on pupils to make the team up and she believed at present they did not have any players. Storrington was mentioned as an option. TV stated he had been talking to Simon Pett about details of clubs that might have junior sections. TV agreed to forward to LG the list of contacts he had.


7.           County Teams/ Organisers


All matches went ahead ok and most of the results are now on the web pages apart from the men’s 0’45 which Mal Whitely is still to send through. ST agreed to ensure more detailed results were obtained for the 0’35 next half.



8.                  Junior Development


GS sent around a paper prior to the meeting putting forward a revised proposal on the structure of junior squash in Sussex. (See enclosure below).The main change was to look at amalgamating the girls and the boys sections together to make the two easier to manage and to also ensure that Sussex maintains its standing in the top echelon of English squash.  The paper clearly outlined the designated officers and their roles and indicated the devolvement of responsibility should make it easier to deliver a more effective programme.


It as agreed by JP that the accounts were to be amalgamated and discussions were had about how  this was to be done (See item 5 above). There was a unanimous endorsement of the proposal and PM asked TV to ensure he kept us posted if he was finding the extra responsibility was taking its toll. TV commented that having the other officers in place should actually make his job easier. GS passed around a draft copy of the organisational structure for all to look at. ST commented that at some point we needed to introduce the Community Squash Coach into the structure if we are to continue to attract new grass roots juniors into the programme.


GS raised the issue of sponsorship and kit and trying to market the squads more via the website. PM suggested we wrote a letter to all clubs to inform them of the new set up and to also try and encourage more interest from those clubs with limited juniors. ST/PM agreed to draft a letter to send out.


Junior girls were again mentioned as an area where more work was needed, plus also the east of the county. PM mentioned the need to generate some ambassadors in the east to help try and kick start junior squash again. ST suggested approaching Sid Austin, Ivan/Neil Priddy  as an option. ST also agreed to contact ES to inform them of the concerns with the east of the county and see if we could get the Community Squash Coach to go into some more schools in this area.


TV agreed to contact John Millard to try and get him linked in with the junior set up and keep him posted on developments.


PM thanked the junior officers for coming to the meeting and putting forward the proposal.



9.                  A.O.B


         PM mentioned both Mike Tongue and Bob Shelley would be possibilities as volunteers to help support squash in the county. FW agreed to speak to Bob to see if he would be interested.


KM raised the option of offering clubs without a website a link to the county website. Km stated there would be a cost and PM suggested he should package it up to sell to clubs.


The issue of Mal Whitley was again raised especially the issue over his role as development officer and also the fact that there was still £200 unaccounted for. PM/JP agreed to conact to try and clear up the issues.


Date of next meeting to be the 28th February 2006 at Weald Squash Club. ST to book. AGM meeting date agreed as the 8th July 2006 and the league meeting for men and women on the 18th or 25th May 2006. JP to confirm.











































































































































































































11th December 2005





A meeting was convened on 9/11/05 of: Tim VAIL, Debbie DENHOLM, David BENNETT and myself.  The following salient points were raised and are set out below for discussion/approval by the maiCommittee (SSRA) on the 13th December 2005


            The suggestions have already been discussed between John PARR and myself. He agrees with the basic principles and individual responsibilities which are set out in this report.  Hopefully by devolving the responsibilities on the volunteers, the burdens upon each individual will be less. The centre of the ‘wheel’ and very much the crux of the SJS is the Coach, Tim VAIL.  Throughout my contact with him he has displayed commitment, enthusiasm and I know he is very keen to maintain the County in the top echelon of English County Squash. Therefore the SJS and SSRA must support him and this new venture.


One of the main proposals is that the girls and boys sections be merged into one ‘team’ which hopefully will be of benefit to all and thus allow easier administration.




TIM VALE (Chichester)                    Head Junior Coach and Child Protection Officer


a)                  To organise and structure coaching of all squad training, including the arrangement of assistant coaches.

b)                  Collect annual subscriptions from players and maintain records of all players in accordance with Child Protection regulations

c)                  Organise the County Junior Closed

d)                  Selection of County teams and nomination of Managers’ in liaison with the boys/girls managers.

e)                  Liaise with Graham STEVENSON regarding selection of younger teams

f)                    Ensure reports reference County results are submitted to SSRA, media and website


DAVID BENNETT (Middleton)     Junior Boys/Girls Manager and Boys organiser


a)                    The SJS contact for England squash (Mainly for Inter County correspondence)

b)                    Signatory to the SJS bank account

c)                    Liaise with head coach to inform him of County commitments

d)                    Selection of team managers for boys teams

e)                    Ensure administration is completed reference County fixtures and expenses

f)                      Liaise with SJS Treasurer regarding expenditure and submission of accounts

g)                    Liaise with SSRA


DEBBIE DENHOLM (Corals)           Deputy Junior Manager


a)                      Cover any duties in the absence of the Manager

b)                      Attend SSRA meetings, to ensure Committee are appraised of any issues/events


VANESSSA PROSSER (Chichester)         Treasurer


a)                    Signatory to SJS bank account and holder of the cheque book

b)                    Liaise with Head Coach and Junior Managers re expenditure and income

c)                    Liaise with SSRA Treasurer reference income/expenditure and submission of accounts


GRAHAM EASTMENT (Chichester)    Girls Organiser


a)                      Liaise with Head Coach regarding selection of teams and team managers

b)                      Ensure administration is completed re County fixtures and expenses


LAURA GOMM (Worthing)           Junior League Organiser


a)                        Administer the running of the Sussex Junior Leagues

b)                        Ensure promotion of the Junior League to all Sussex Clubs

c)                        Maintain records of results and up-date website

d)                        Liaise with SSRA reference end of seasons results

e)                        Liaise with Head Coach regarding new players with potential


GRAHAM STEVENSON (Lancing)       Under 11/13 Coach


a)                      Liaise with Head Coach regarding new players with potential

b)                      Arrange and manage Under 11/13 Junior Boys teams         

c)                      Arrange/organise Under 11/13 squad training




By the end of 2005/2006 Season the following should be in place:


a)                        Joint account to replace the two separate ones at present. With David Bennett, Vanessa Prosser and John Parr, being the signatories. Vanessa to hold the cheque book.

b)                        The grant from the SSRA to take into account the following:


i)                    Less commitment to inter county fixtures –reduced mainly to 1 day fixtures. Although stage II and certainly finals will incur more expense for travel and accommodation.

ii)                   Team managers to be retained/recruited for at least a season. Not only for continuity but less expense for CRB clearance.

iii)                 With introduction of Laura GOMM for the junior leagues. This will incur some expenditure, subject to further discussion.

iv)                Sponsorship is of a high priority but nothing forthcoming since Vokins and Principles withdrew 2/3 years ago. Therefore the closed event and squad/team clothing will need to be subsidised to maintain standards. The Boys team needs squad shirts and team track suits ideally by next season.


c)         Therefore it is suggested that the grant from SSRA could be reduced to £2,800 for the joint venture as opposed to the previous £3,200.  On the condition that it is subject to reviews and any monies inherited on the change over and subsequently incurred by good housekeeping/fund raising may be retained. This will afford flexibility toward future ventures, which at present cannot be considered through financial restraints.


Graham Saville